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Since being elected, Senator Martinez Humenik has been a real leader on healthcare issues for Colorado, fighting to reduce prescription drug costs, eliminate excessive taxes on medical necessities, increasing access to private healthcare choices, and ensuring prioritization of mental health services.

Reducing Prescription Drug Prices

In 2018, Beth sponsored House Bill 1284, which allowed pharmacists to inform patients about cheaper, generic alternatives to medication they have been prescribed in an effort to save them money. Additionally, the bill bans pharmacies from collecting a copay or payment that is over the actual price of the prescription.

Eliminating Taxes on Basic Necessities

In 2017, Senator Martinez Humenik sponsored House Bill 1127 and House Bill 1195, which would have reclassified feminine hygiene products and diapers as “necessities” instead of “luxury items,” therefore exempting them from the Colorado sales tax and reducing costs for millions of Coloradans.

Unfortunately, House Bill 1127 and House Bill 1195 were killed by Representative Faith Winter and her colleagues on the House Appropriations Committee.

Suicide and Crisis Prevention Training

Despite much rhetoric on the issue coming from both sides, Senator Martinez Humenik’s Senate Bill 272 was the only piece of legislation regarding suicide and crisis prevention in Colorado’s schools that passed and was signed by the Governor in 2018. The bill itself creates a grant program that provides funding to Colorado schools that develop and enhance their suicide and crisis prevention training programs.

Colorado’s suicide rate increased “34.1 percent” between 1999 and 2016, based upon CDC studies. Senator Martinez Humenik is working hard to reverse that trend.

Other Key Healthcare Votes

Senator Beth Martinez Humenik voted YES on Senate Bill 132 in 2018, a bill that will bring catastrophic health plans to the market in Colorado to give consumers more affordable health insurance choices.

Senator Beth Martinez Humenik voted YES on House Bill 1007 in 2018, a bill that allows Coloradans to access opioid withdrawal medication as soon as possible without having to wait for approval for insurance companies.

Senator Beth Martinez Humenik voted YES on Senate Bill 146 in 2018, a bill that requires freestanding emergency rooms to be more transparent with their pricing and their purpose, helping avoid confusion between them and much more affordable urgent care centers.

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